Tuesday, July 1, 2008

day 3:

today marks the third day of the nutrition cycle in which i will switch from eating a high protein/low-carb diet to a high carb/low-fat diet in anticipation of the hard run workout at lunch and long run tomorrow morning before work.

the last two days have gone well and i was surprised how good i was feeling throughout the previous days. while eating low-carb i am noticing that i am free of the energy fluctuations and mood swings that i usually experience throughout the day and there has been no post-lunch crash which is typically experienced around 3pm. feeling pretty mellow.

personal stats:
weight: 166lb (-5)
feeling: great, relaxed
sleep: 6.5 hours
legs: good

run: 45' hard w/ 6k of VO2 intervals

breakfast: 1 cup oats, 1/2 cup milk, sultanas, cinnamon, 1 wholemeal toast w/ jam + black coffee
snack: banana

lunch: tuna sandwich w/ tomato, dujon, mayo on wholemeal, apple + black coffee
snack: 2 organic weetbix, handful almonds
dinner: tuna w/ avocado, lemon juice, red chili, pepper + steamed veggies (zucchini, cauliflower, carrots) + green tea 

today's summary:

averaged better than 6min/mile for the main part of the session but didn't feel comfortable - had to push through the last two intervals. ended up cutting the session short before i continued to grind myself into the ground trying to complete the workout. long run tomorrow morning which is where i need to emphasise my training at the moment. the surprise was how great and loose my legs felt immediately after the shower.

as for the diet. well.... i don't feel as good as i did over the last two days and my energy, concenration and awareness levels seem to be fluctuating. i am also noticing that i am craving food more between meals and i don't feel as satisfied after i have eaten. i have a feeling i have in the past reached for the quick-fix simple sugar snack in search of a quick pick me due to a lack of sleep and the energy slump which follows on from a high carbohydrate main meal. i think i will eat some carbs immediately following the long run and then transition to low-carb for the next 2-3 days.

after reading the primal challenge post again before leaving work i decided when i got home to start eating low-carb again but this time more closely following the blueprint guidelines. i will be interested to see how my long run goes in the morning.

came across this while reading the latest post from conditioning research on athletic performance and low carb - very interesting!

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