Monday, January 26, 2009


I've noticed people having been stopping it to check things out so I thought I had better get back to this blog thing. So here we go...

Diet has been very good over the last few months. I have been eating mainly raw uncooked food and have even enjoyed the very primal activity of foraging for my food while on a long run in the urban fringe. Carrying a pack enables you to fill it with all sorts of goodies.

Weight is hoverying around 166lbs and with an important race only 6-7 weeks away I hope that I can get my weight around 155lbs by then. I'm confident that I'll get there. Race fit and ready!


AM) Trail run - 12 miles (1:40)
After a steep drop down to the river the trail climbs for a steady 5 miles before swinging back onto the road for the return journey. Feeling tired.

AM) Easy run - 15.8 miles (2:02) - 145HR
Good run in the rain. Legs starting feeling fatigued over the last 20 minutes. Need to work on that...

PM) Easy run - 7.5 miles (1:00)
Easy run home. Hot!

AM) Easy run - 6 miles (0:42)
An easy run to work before the day gets hot although very humid. Legs felt a little fatigued from yesterday's run but about 20mins in they started feeling better. Finished up running the last 15mins around marathon pace.

PM) Will be the run home via the long way ~12 miles
The plan is to run hard for the first 6 miles before the start of the hills and then push myself on the climbs to work the legs. Already 33deg Celsius and rising... better start drinking water now!

AM) Recovery Run - 3 miles (0:22)

PM) Workout: 5 x 6mins hard w/ 4min easy - total 11 miles (1:40)
Ran the workout on the trails. The first three intervals were run uphill and the last two were run downhill back to the start. Tough session but one I need to repeat weekly if I'm going to run well at next month's race.

AM) Easy run - 11.9 miles (1:31)
Met Simon early to run a few quarters at the track (cracked a fast one in 66 seconds) and followed up with 8 x 100m striders before heading off to run to work.

PM) Easy run - 6.2 miles (0:54)
Death march home. Another hot day left me baked on the exposed hill.

AM) Easy run - 4 miles (no time)

AM) Long 19.4 miles (2:30)
Ran down to the National Park to spend some time on the trails. Felt tired during the first hour, good in the second hour and then things went downhill quickly from there (although the course went uphill).

Total running: 108.8 miles

Day 2: Early start

After discovering that my wife's bike had been stolen from the bus stop where I had chained it up for my ride home last night meant that...