Thursday, November 6, 2008

A good start

Five days have passed and while I have been eating well following the paleo diet guidelines my running is lagging behind. I have had breaks up to 6 weeks due to injury or rest in the past and have found that I can usually jump straight back into and quickly rebuild my lost aerobic fitness. But this time around the running is a struggle. Not sure if my problem is physical or mental but I need to sort it out quickly as I need to get motivated.

I have run every day this week for about 20 to 50 minutes (covering about 3-6 miles) and together with my diet I have lost the 5 pounds that I gained during my holiday and exercise lay off. At least that is a good starting point for next week as I increase the volume of training.

While I had my break I spent some time thinking about my training and decided that I need to add more volume and increase the duration of my daily runs. I find that my fitness quickly improves when I increase my run duration to longer than 100 minutes of running. On some runs it takes about an hour for me to feel comfortable and I generally start running better for the remainder of the session. So as I like to have a written plan to follow I have roughly drafted my weekly schedule to look something like that shown below.

Monday - AM) Run easy 1h-1h40 (8-12 miles) PM) Ride home
Tuesday - AM) Ride + Short interval of fartlek session // Easy run
Wednesday - AM) Run easy 1h10 (10 miles) + Strides PM) Ride home
Thursday - AM) Tempo run + Hills (total 12-14 miles) PM) Run home 1h
Friday - AM) Long trail run 2-3h (20-25 miles) + Strides (barefoot)
Saturday - AM) Easy run 1h30 + drills, hill strides or bike if tired
Sunday - AM) Longer tempo run or long intervals

Along with all the running I'm hoping to get in at least two yoga sessions per week.


Gary Dempster said...

Hello, I found a comment on the "daily apple" site and then went to your blog. Very interested in talking to you about your diet/exercise regime, as I too am a runner (and cyclist, due to shin splints) who follows a low-carb diet due to my carb intolerance. Your training is way beyond my current level, which makes me even more interested to speak with you. Good luck with the training!

Right said...

Hi there, fellow Paleo runner!

Thanks for leaving a message on my blog about running and following the Paleo diet. Since I've only been following this method for a few weeks, it was so fascinating to read about your running and diet experiences! And congrats on your excellent times on your marathon and 90km trail run. I've only ran 2 marathons and a bunch of halfs, and can't imagine breaking the 3 hour threshold for a marathon! But I have felt such a huge difference already in my running, that I'm going to stick to the Paleo way long term.

I'm so interesting to hear more about your upcoming training - and I think it's your progress that will help keep me motivated - and informed on how to keep up with diet!

Best of luck to you!

primal runner said...

Hi Gary and Right,

Thanks for leaving comments. It helps with the motivation to know that people are following along.

I am slowly re-adjusting to the paleo diet and my running is getting back on track so I should have more information to post. I have a couple of big ultras coming up in the New Year which I decided to commit to last weekend. As I want to be competitive in these it will take a lot of discipline with both my running and diet.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

Keep primal!

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