Sunday, October 25, 2009

back to basics...

the world masters kind of brought my season to a close and while it didn't go as planned (came down with chicken pox midway through) i decided to end the speed phase of my training and get back to re-building my base endurance. this time of year i usually just play around with my training but after some thought i have decided that in order to take my athletic ability to the next level i need to start my preparation a little earlier this time around.

my goals going into next year are all centred on the ultra-distance with maybe a quick marathon or two thrown in and a couple of epic journey runs to please the adventurer within.

my base building recipe:

  • build mileage over the next few weeks to around 160-200+ km per week
  • maintain mileage for the next 12 weeks
  • include double runs on at least 4 days per week
  • run 2 medium long runs and a run of 4-5 hours each week
  • maintain a hill/short repeat session, one longer interval session (6-10 minutes) and some threshold work on the trails each week
  • include a monthly mountain or trail race
flexibility & strength
  • perform at least 3 yoga sessions each week
  • start doing 2 strength sessions each week focusing on building leg and core strength
  • add in some cross-training and start riding my bike to help build leg strength and hill climbing ability
  • continue to focus on optimal recovery nutrition (waiting for a recent book purchase to help)
  • focus on ensuring that i hydrate sufficiently during the upcoming summer months
  • start running in my vibram fivefingers on my recovery runs
i'm starting out with a good fitness base and after a week off from running due to sickness my body is feeling ready to get back into it.

think i'll start with a 3 hour trail run before work in the morning... 

Day 2: Early start

After discovering that my wife's bike had been stolen from the bus stop where I had chained it up for my ride home last night meant that...