Sunday, July 27, 2008

day 26:

only two days out from the marathon and i wasn't really thinking about things too much! i starting adding in some carbs yesterday on what was going to be a three day carbo load but after a day of adding carbs i couldn't really face it today so i went back to what i have been eating over the previous weeks. as today was a planned day of rest i only ate some extra fruit (a little apple juice) and veggies to get in some carbs to continue to load my glycogen stores.

the plan is for a 24 hour carbo load following a short intense running session in the morning based on research i had read about.

personal stats:
weight: didn't bother as i expected with the loading and reduce exercise to add a little
feeling: tired and lethargic
sleep: not enough
legs: heavy (typical taper feeling)

today's exercise:
run: day off

today's diet:
breakfast: fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms
snack: almonds, fruit
lunch: salad w/ tuna, avocado + apple juice
snack: almonds, fruit
dinner: chilli con carne (ground beef) w/ steamed veggies
snack: fruit (?)

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