Tuesday, July 22, 2008

day 24:

starting to get a little impatient now. this is pretty typical in the last stages of the marathon taper. as an endurance athlete who enjoys long training sessions often on my own on the trails not far from home all this short easy stuff is killing me mentally.

i struggled waking up to the alarm this morning after a very sleepless night with my 18 month old son who had a high fever and a vomiting session from our bed halfway through the night. when i finally got out of bed i felt dizzy and was a little disoriented. seems after two days of eliminating nearly all carbs including fruit and most of my veggies i am seriously depleted. well that was the plan all the time and from the onset of my morning struggle to get ready for work i was not too concerned. after a coffee and what is slowly becoming my usual breakfast i was feeling ok but very tired on the drive in.

during today's run at lunch i was considering going to town on the carbs and fuel up ready for my last run tomorrow morning after the run but i compromised and ate only a banana and a small apple juice before my main lunch meal ... pork ribs with small salad.

personal stats:
weight: 162lb (-10)
feeling: impatient, dizzy, depleted
sleep: less than 4hr (broken)
legs: great - loose but lethargic

today's exercise:
run - 30' easy - 15' easy, 10' marathon effort (~6:30 pace), 5' easy

today's diet:
breakfast: ham steaks (2), eggs (2) w/ sauteed spinach and mushrooms + black coffee
snack: apple, almonds
post-run: apple juice + banana
lunch: pork ribs w/ small salad
snack: almonds + black coffee

after today i am looking forward to slowly adding some carbs back into my diet tomorrow and will only carbo load for one day prior to the race rather than my usual two to three days as recommended by the normal crowd. not entirely sure how i am going to carbo load and try and keep as close to my primal nutrition plan as possible. if anyone is reading this and has any thoughts please add them to the comments.


Brett said...

I have heard several endurance athletes using sweet potatoes to carb up. Also, apple juice, or any pure fruit juice would do the trick nicely. You want to avoid fiber, obviously, so a bunch of fruit is out. I suppose bananas would work well though.

primal runner said...


thanks for the feedback. your suggestions follow what i have taken from people like gordo and chuckie v and is probably the way i will increase my carbs over the next day or two.

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