Thursday, July 24, 2008

day 25:

to help loosen up the legs, back and hips before the marathon this weekend i decided to head to yoga with my wife this morning. it has been a while but it felt great to activate some of the muscles that i have neglected while being in heavy marathon training. i will definitely be trying to add more yoga to my weekly exercise program. it not only helps the body but frees the mind but removing some of the stress that is built up within.

i left my run till early evening so that i could take advantage of having some carbs in my body. i noticed an immediate difference in pace related to heart rate and i found it a struggle to bring up my heart rate to what i am planning on racing at over the marathon on the weekend. at about 10 beats below my marathon heart rate effort i was needing to run quicker than 6 minute mile pace to sustain that level of intensity. it felt good but i think i will be racing significantly slower than that on sunday.

personal stats:
weight: 162lb (-10)
feeling: tired
sleep: poor
legs: loose but lethargic

today's exercise:
yoga (am): 60 minutes
run: 32 minutes - 4.5 miles w/ 2 miles @ mp (6:00-6:20 pace) + 2 x 30-40" @ 5:00 mpm

today's diet:
breakfast: oatmeal w/ dates, banana + black coffee
snack: raisins
lunch: chicken mediterranean salad, apple juice + coffee
snack: bananas (2) + dried fruit + black coffee
dinner: pork vegetable stirfry
snack: raisins, cantaloupe

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