Thursday, July 3, 2008

day 5:

each day i am learning something new or remembering something old!

stepping on the scales this morning i wasn't expecting to see a change but I am down another 500g (1 pound). while my goal is not weight loss (well not in terms of bodyweight) but rather i am more focused on life change, wellness and of course setting and overcoming a personal challenge.

i was feeling like i was stuck in the groove of everyday life and was neglecting myself - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. i am discovering while on this journey we don't need to find time to make changes in our lives we just need to commit to making and sticking to small every day improvements. as a husband and father of many, worker and marathon/ultra runner that is a good thing. time is not something i have a lot of and i need to make work the time i have available.

personal stats:
weight: 164lb (-7)
feeling: great
sleep: not enough
legs: good (but a little sore)

run: 1:40' moderately-hard

breakfast: 3 eggs w/ turmeric, tomato, carrot + banana + black coffee
snack: almonds
pre-run: apple, banana (2h prior) + black coffee (1h prior)
during run: 100ml sports drink every 15mins (48g C)
lunch: chicken snitzel w/ garden salad, carrot (2), 50g sultanas (32g C) + organic weetbix (20g C) + 250ml sports drink (15g C)
snack: dip (tuna, avocado, chilli)
dinner: large green salad w/ sun-dried tomatoes, salami, cheeses
snack: raisins, banana

ran 14.3 miles out and back run along the marathon course. out in 51' average pace 7:08 min/mile and back in 47' average pace 6:34. absolutely spent! even my arm and chest muscles are sore post-run. wonder what's going on there. i am assuming it has something to do with glycogen depletion and supplying energy i need during the run. i didn't bring in enough food for an adequate post-run recovery meal and as there will be no vending machine raid to grab something full of simple sugars we'll see how things go.

found myself a little depleted after the run and it took some extra carbs to feel better. not the best choices for a post-recovery meal and i will need to plan my meals a little better before i leave home in the morning. finished up the day with a great dinner and followed it up with a few extra carbs in the form of a banana and raisins. feel i need a bit of extra energy going into the weekend with two days renovation work and a planned longer run on the trails and hills on sunday.

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