Wednesday, July 2, 2008

day 4:

last night before going to be i emailed aaron from mark's daily apple about some concerns i had trying to undertake the 30 day primal challenge whilst in my last month of hard marathon training trying for that elusive sub 3 hour marathon (i also have a 90k ultra trail run 2 weeks later). he responded quickly and provided some useful information that i will take into consideration. i will post a more detailed synopsis on how i will apply my take on the primal blueprint whilst training hard with some modifications in the details of course.

personal stats:
weight: 165lb (-6)
feeling: good
sleep: 4hrs (not good)
legs: good

run: 1h35' w/ last 20' on trails

pre-run: black coffee
breakfast: porridge (1cup oats, sultanas, crushed walnuts, honey, cinnamon), apple + black coffee
lunch: pork spare ribs, steamed veggies, small green salad + black coffee
snack: almonds, carrot
dinner: corned beef, cabbage, steamed veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower)
snack: sultanas, apple + black coffee

today's summary:
headed out for an early morning 10k run before meeting friends back at the house to add another hour or so to the run. about 30mins into it my quads starting aching, which concerned me somewhat but it only lasted for a short 5-10mins. i was feeling quite tired when i got back to the house so grabbed a banana and washed it down with some water before heading back out. finished up the run with time on the fire trails and along some nice technical single track as the sun was coming up.

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