Monday, July 21, 2008

day 23:

personal stats:
weight: 163lb (-9)
feeling: good
sleep: 6hr
legs: good (some niggles but ok)

today's exercise:
run: 47' - 6.2 miles 10' warmup + 4x30" fast strides, 4x1200m (4:30, 4:23, 4:14, 4:13) w/ 2-3' easy + 5' cooldown

today's diet:
breakfast: ham steaks (2), eggs (2), avocado (1/2), olive oil (1tbs) (47g protein (29%), 45g fat (63%), 18g carb (8%)) + black coffee (2)
snack: blue cheese, walnuts
lunch: green salad w/ chicken breast, olives and blue cheese
snack: walnuts, avocado (1/2)
dinner: salmon steak w/ roasted veggies

last run workout has been completed. it went well and now all that's left is to take the next few days to rest up, let the legs heal and freshen up and get ready to run the race of my life. i'm hoping that i can find the zone and embrace the pain in the later stages to keep pushing through to the end.

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