Saturday, July 26, 2008

the marathon update

i haven't posted for a few days but will get around to it on monday.

i just finished the marathon and am stoked to report a new pr of 2:57:10. i had a good run but died a little towards the end but it wasn't the result of nutrition, more a result of carrying a little too much training fatigue going into it. i started feeling deep fatigue (almost pain) in my quads at around the 9 mile mark and new that i hadn't rested enough in my taper. perhaps the couple of long runs a few weeks out were the main culprit. this is something i will address before my next race.

i'm also happy to report that after a big post-run glycogen replacement feed of oatmeal and lots of fruit (watermelon, bananas, raisins, blueberries, strawberries) i am back onto the program. i am starting to think i will keep going beyond the 30 day challenge and see how i can refine things. i don't think i need to consume the daily carbohydrate eating frenzy that is typical of the endurance athletes diet. perhaps a single post-exercise carb feed and a few carbs during the activity is all that is needed to top the tanks off.

see you monday!

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