Tuesday, July 8, 2008

day 10:

i am amazed how good i am feeling this morning. my legs are feeling great and they are without any soreness or stiffness.

my post-run recovery yesterday seems to have worked a treat. shower, skins (compression pants) worn under my work pants all day, 1lt of water, hi-GI food (mainly fruit and oats), higher protein intake remainder of day, legs elevated at lunch for 5mins, hot bath at night.

personal stats:
weight: 167lb (-5) - well hydrated
feeling: great
sleep: 5.5 hrs (not so good)
legs: great

today's exercise:
rest day

today's diet:
breakfast: scrambled eggs w/ spinach and mushrooms
snack: carrots, almonds
lunch: thai beef salad + coffee
snack: banana, almonds + coffee
dinner: kippers w/ large salad (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, avacado, cheese)

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