Monday, July 7, 2008

day 9:

to appease my sanity during this marathon struggle i needed to go long this morning.

during my drive home last night i decided with the cost of fuel at an all time high i need to start making some greener choices. my decision? i need to ride or run more as a way of commuting between work and home. not the easiest thing to do when work is a solid 30+ miles away. while i have run the full way to work i decided to take it a little easier on myself this morning by driving down the hill to make the run a short 25 miles. the trip home will only include an additional 6 or so miles as i will catch the train back to the car.

diet wise i am still planning on maintaining a primal selection of sorts but am allowing a window of carb consumption during the run and in the hour or two immediately following to allow some glycogen resplenishment to my heavily depleted muscles. i expect this is similar to what friel recommends in his book on the paleo diet for athletes. i will have to get my hands on it.

personal stats:
weight: 166lb (-6)
feeling: good
sleep: 4 hrs
legs: good

today's exercise:
run: 25 miles (3:05)

today's diet:
pre-run: black coffee + hornet juice
during run: 2 litres sports drink (watered down), 2 honey stingers
post-run: oats soaked in apple juice w/ mashed banana, dates, almonds, orange + black coffee
lunch: chicken w/ roast veggies (egg plant, peppers, olives) + green salad
snack: almonds, carrots
dinner: steak casserole w/ veggies

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