Sunday, July 6, 2008

day 8:

after seven days on the primal challenge i can say it has been interesting. while i eat quite well generally i have noticed that i am eating more fruits and veggies due to the removal of those little extras that invade my daily diet. that piece of banana cake or muffin with my morning coffee and a late afternoon vending machine raid when i am in slide of the post-lunch carb crash have gone.

while the scales revealed that i replaced a little weight from my low on friday i think that was mainly from my muscles refilling their depleted energy stores. i made an effort to increase my carb intake after my intense and longer runs so that i didn't inhibit my run training effort. looking in the mirror i can definitely see some changes as i am starting to lean out a little mainly in the upper body.

personal stats:
weight: 166lb (-5)
feeling: tired
sleep: 6hr
legs: good

run: 70' moderate (10 miles)

breakfast: bacon, spinach, egg, chilli beef + black coffee
snack: almonds, apple
lunch (post-run): oats, banana, apple, almonds
snack: raisins
dinner: red chilli chicken w/ vegetables (egg plant, broccoli, sweet potato)
snack (late): dates, banana

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