Sunday, July 27, 2008

day 29:

i'm sore!

well as expected the day after the running of a marathon soreness is to be expected. this time around is no exception. my calves are tight but worse is my left foot. it feels like a bone on the outside is a little bruised. i'm hoping recovery is swift and i can get back into it quickly as i have a 90km run in less than two weeks. while it's not a goal race i still want to be able to complete the run to my expectations.

personal stats:
weight: 164lb (-8)
feeling: on a high
sleep: 6-7hrs (broken)
legs: sore, sore, sore....

today's exercise:
cross-training: 25min eliptical + 5min treadmill

today's diet:
breakfast: ham steaks (2), scrambled eggs (3), sauteed mushrooms + black coffee
snack: apple, almonds
lunch: bananas (4), almonds
snack: sardines
dinner: butter chicken w/ steamed veggies
snack: walnuts, rainsins

weighing myself this morning for the first time in a few days i found that i am two pounds heavier than i was prior to adding the carbs three days out from the marathon yesterday. after eating quite a bit and making sure that i hydrated well i am thinking that i got it about right.

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