Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what i have to look forward to...

i'm sitting in front of my computer at work and thinking about my upcoming run this weekend. i have ran over the same course a few times now but there is nothing that quite excites me like an out and back course with a handful of runners all looking at completing the full 90kms of trails and tracks. while much of the day will be spent alone knowing that others are out there enduring their own private battles makes all the more enjoyable. can't wait!

with the mistake made when i ended up with a plate of rice with my chicken stirfry for lunch i decided then and there to begin loading the carbohydrates. with only 40 hours or so until race it's better to start now and make sure that i have my glycogen stores loaded rather than finding out several hours into the day that i made an error.

this is what i am looking forward to this weekend.

after consulting a few ultra running websites i have also decided that taking two full days of complete rest will leave me in much better shape than trying to run some extra miles. there are no fitness gains to be made now and with the marathon two weeks behind me and the running base behind that i should be ready to go.

i'm feeling quite relaxed now but after my carb feed at lunch i felt like i had just consumed the equivalent of 10 cups of coffee. i was on an energy high! while i was initially concerned about my plans on eating non-primal foods during the carbo load and during the event itself i'm thinking it's better to play it safe and go with what has worked well for me in the past. trial and error can be something i play around with next month.

bring it on!

tonight i will begin packing and sorting through my running gear and try and decide on the details. what shoes, what pack, nutrition, hydration, electrolytes, clothes.....etc???

just heard frrom a friend that it's snowing on the course. need to carefully think about equipment now.

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