Thursday, August 7, 2008

friday 8 august...

waking up today i am feeling good but a little bloated with the addition of more than my usual carbohydrates into my diet. in the future i will test my carbo loading principles on some smaller races so that i can find what works and what doesn't.

even with only two days of complete rest i can feel my legs starting to get that springy but somewhat heavy glycogen loaded feeling that is usual in the day prior to race start. i'm hoping with this rest the last of my niggles will work themselves out and when tomorrow comes they will be chomping at the bit to get going. looks like it's going to be fast from the get go.

personal stats:
weight: 164lb (but i feel heavier)
feeling: relaxed
sleep: 7 hours (good)
legs: right achilles still sore but legs starting to buzz with anticipation (and stored energy)

today's exercise:
none complete rest day 2

today's diet - planned for ~600-700g of carbs:
breakfast: oatmeal cooked w/ rice milk, sultanas, nuts, honey, cinnamon + banana + black coffee
snack: fried eggs (2), bacon rashes (2), toasted turkish w/ PB + coffee
snack: banana, fruit juice (350ml)
lunch: chicken breast, egg, veggies, salad wrap, a banana
snack: oatmeal soaked w/ apple juice
dinner: chicken breast w/ veggies and baked sweet potato
snack: blended banana, apple juice and rice milk

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