Thursday, August 7, 2008

gear selection...

with news that it snowed yesterday on the course that i will be running tomorrow i think i will need to be a little more meticulous with my gear selection. it's going to be cold!

my gear i have selected already:
my shoes: inov-8 roclite 315s
backpack: camelbak cloud walker (i did buy a new one for the event but it looks like it won't make it to me in time)
my socks: injinji toe socks
electrolytes: succeed caps
fuel: gu energy gels and hammer
sports drink: gatorade/coke
secret energy drink: hornet juice
shorts: desoto
shirt: regular running shirt
compression tights: skins (after race)
watch: either garmin 205 or polar

other stuff that i'm considering: arm warmers, gloves, beanie, basic first aid stuff (emergency blanket, tape etc), ipod (?), sunglasses, phone.

food: the usual choices are sandwiches either pb&j or vegemite, sv chips, energy bars, snickers, creamed rice, fruit cake, snakes or jelly beans.

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