Monday, August 4, 2008

tuesday 5 august...

the legs are starting to feel a little better after putting them through their paces today. decided to i need to put in some intensity but i wasn't sure what i was going to do until i started.

i'm also trying to keep my weight steady with the big run this weekend and i am going about that by making sure that i take in a big post-workout feed of carbohydrates to keep up my glycogen stores. i'm trying to add any more stress to my system than is necessary. i still haven't worked out how many carbohydrates i need to take in after a session but as i either run with a garmin or polar hr monitor i am using the calories used as a guideline and trying to replace about 50-75% of my energy output. how much fat would i use to fuel an hour workout at say 70-80% heart rate max. i'm sure there is a formula or calculator out there somewhere. i just don't have the time to find it right now.

personal stats:
weight: 163-164lb
feeling: good
sleep: 8hrs broken but good
legs: about 90% (hamstring better but right achilles still sore to touch)

today's exercise:
run: 7 miles (53') incl. 2 x 1600m in 5:50-55 (1' rec), 2x1000m hills @ 10-15% gradient in ~5:30, 4x200m in ~:37

today's diet:
breakfast: rump steak, mandarin, carrot + black coffee
snack: banana + coffee
post-run: wholegrain oatmeal (1 cup) soaked in apple juice (250ml) w/ greek yogurt (175g) and banana
lunch (late): chili beef, carrots (2), apple (1)
snack: almonds
dinner: bok choy stuffed with pork

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