Tuesday, August 5, 2008

wednesday 6 august...

well another primal day has passed and while i have emerged from the cave i was living in for 30 days i am finding it more and more difficult to re-enter the nutritional society that i left behind. i am no longer looking for that quick, convenient snack to get me through the first signs of hunger or to pick me up when my energy has dipped in the daily ebb and flow that was the day-to-day norm.

while i have stuck with my primal way of eating, there have been challenges put in front of me to test my will. over the weekend my wife baked some yummy cookies and while they were considered healthy (pre-primal thinking) they were still full of sugar and grains. the second temptation was when i came into work on monday to find that my favourite vending machine cookie is on sale at the cafeteria. while i was thinking about buying a whole heap to store in my drawer for times of need i realised now that i am no longer needing the quick sugar fix and subsequent high to keep me going. the best outcome of eating primal is that i am always energised.

if you're reading this and haven't gone primal...... start today! what have you got to lose?

personal stats:
weight: 163lb
feeling: good, almost euphoric
sleep: 6hr good (restful)
legs: good but niggly

today's exercise:
run: while i am yet to run i am feeling the desire to go out for a solid 12-14 miler at lunch but i'm sure that it won't do my upcoming race any good. i'm known to do stupid things though. i didn't succumb to the inner voice and kept it short.

actual: 6 miles (40') w/ 5 miles moderate in 32'

today's diet:
breakfast: fried pork mince, bacon (2), eggs (3), mushrooms, peppers, eggplant + black coffee
snack: carrots (2), almonds (12) + coffee
post-run (10' prior): banana + coffee
lunch: herbed chicken breast w/ roast veggies - sweet potato, eggplant, peppers, honeyed carrots, a banana + orange juice (350ml)
snack: almonds
dinner: chicken korma (made with coconut milk) w/ veggies (sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, eggplant)

snack: raisins

i feel great!

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