Tuesday, August 19, 2008

need more sleep...

woke up this morning and was surprised that i wasn't as stiff and sore as i thought i might have been after yesterday's hill rep sesssion. i was scheduled to run for 90 minutes this morning but after a late night and a restless night due to one of the children being in bed with us i hit the snooze button one too many times. got out before lunch for a shortened run and with the wind blowing found it hard to find a good rhythm. feeling good though!

personal stats:
weight: not recorded
feeling: good but a little heavy/bloated
sleep: a poor 4 hours
legs: worked but good, niggles improving

today's exercise:
run: am) 45' easy (6.2 miles) w/ 5x80m strides (1min jog)
pm) another planned easy run

today's diet:
breakfast: scrambled eggs (3), eggplant, spinach, corned beef
pre-run: handful of sultanas
post-run: bowl of oats w/ orange juice and dried fruit
lunch: cold meat (turkey and leg ham) w/ blue cheese, lettuce, carrot, red pepper, black olives and strawberries

tomorrow's run:
planned am session: 6x4min hard w/ 90sec recovery

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