Wednesday, August 13, 2008

rest, recuperation and restarting...

it's time for a little rest and recuperation but i'll be back starting next week. as it's my last week at work before starting in a new position closer to home i'll be embarking on some non-paleo food consumption as i attend numerous farewell lunches and afternoon teas.

this week i am taking as an opportunity to embark on a little detraining as i aim to lose a little fitness and condition before beginning on the next cycle of athletic pursuits. i have recently hit a new performance level and i think i need to back off and allow all the gains i have made to be absorbed before laying down the foundations to take it to up another level or two.

with a little down time i am trying to make some decisions on what my next goal should be. my focus will likely change from ultramarathons to faster, shorter races on the roads, trails and in the mountains.

but serious goals? break 35mins for 10k, 2:4x something for marathon perhaps, make a national long distance running team, mountain running....? someone even put the idea on me that i should run an international ultra like western states and see how i stack up.... maybe 2010!

i'll leave you with a photo taken at the start of last weekend's run. enjoy!

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