Tuesday, September 2, 2008

day 2...

 Personal stats:

Weight: -2 pounds (from yesterday)

Feeling: Good

Health: Good

Legs: Good

Injury: slight Achilles tendonitis



Session: Running (HM pace tempo)

Time of day: 4:00pm

Course: bridge to bridge river loop

Shoe: Adidas Adizero RC

Distance: 7.1 miles steady

Run time: 46:30

Comments: It felt harder than it should. Struggling to regain fitness and speed that I had prior to July’s marathon.



Breakfast: roasted corned beef and ¼ cantaloupe + black coffee

Snack: carrots (2)

Lunch: sardines, ½ avocado, tomatoes (2), apple and figs

Pre-run: figs

Post-run: figs, banana

Dinner: cold meat w/ green salad and steamed broccoli

Late snack: apple, carrot (2)


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