Tuesday, September 2, 2008

day 3...

Personal stats:

Weight: 168lb (-4lb…I was nearly 172lb 3 days ago)

Feeling: Good

Health: Good

Legs: Good

Injury: slight Achilles tendonitis (getting better)



Session: Run (MLR)

Time of day: 4:30pm

Course: streets around work

Shoe: Adidas RC

Distance: 14 miles

Run time: 1:40

Comments: Met up with 2 very fast dudes after work. Great run!



Breakfast: fried mushrooms, peppers, spinach w/ 2 eggs and corned beef + orange

Snack: carrots, apple, figs

Lunch: cold meat, ½ avocado, tomato, carrot

Snack (2h prior to run): bananas

Pre-run (10mins): Sports drink

Post-run: bananas, goji berries, walnuts

Dinner: bolgnaise w/ steamed broccoli





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