Thursday, December 3, 2009

finding the routine...

life outside of running is starting to get back into the normal routine which has made my training easier to fit it. so far i have managed to put in three double sessions of the four that were in the schedule which has helped with recovery between runs and helped to pad the weekly mileage closer to a target which actually makes me feel like i am training for an ultra-distance event.

training update -

monday am: 45min (10km) easy run
run to work carrying backpack full of food and clothes.
pm: 60min (12km) steady run
run home including a 3km climb. the ache in my quads which i've been carrying around for the last two weeks has finally subsided and over the last 10 minutes with a few strides thrown in they were feeling particularly lively.
tuesday am: 1h25min w/ 33 x 100m hill sprints with fast jog back recovery
early start for this session to meet up with a couple of other runners who were all performing their own form of hill tortue this morning. good session which i managed to hold a good ratio between the ups and downs.

pm: 25min (5.2km) recovery run (on grass)
planned to run 8-10km but the legs decided otherwise and i listened (for a change)...
wednesday pm: 1hr50 (24km) trail run
a great run in the national park from the gate to the lookout and back. stopped off at the end for a soak in the creek to cool down. beautiful day out in the bush...
thursday pm: 1hr15 easy run
dropped the car off at the mechanics and ran home to pick up the kids from school. it was hot, the climb was steep, i was tired...
friday am: 45min (10km) easy run
the usual easy run to work. still tired...
pm: 1h30 run home w/ intervals
plan is to run home and stop at the local grass oval and run the intervals that i was scheduled to do yesterday...
the plan for the weekend (subject to change) is:

saturday am: longish trail run (around 35km) with 30-40minutes hard tempo plus some hill repeats thrown after about an hour of easy running.

sunday am: long trail run of around 3 hours followed up later in the day with an easy run on the flats

summary: volume for this week should top out around 160-180km. happy with that!

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