Thursday, November 26, 2009

time for an update...

now that i have recently signed up for another ultra-marathon it's time for the serious training (and diet) to begin. i'll be recording my daily activities to see what works out and what doesn’t. my big focus is on diet is to try and drop 7-8kg (15-18 pounds) over the next six weeks to get to race weight. i’ve done it before and the way to do it is go back with what has worked for me previously.

on the recent training front things are starting to pick up. not quite where i would like the volume to be 43 days out from my next race but i’m happy that i've had a couple weeks focusing on quality rather than quantity.

training update-
after a couple of weeks in the 100-135 km range this week has been a little diffcult with a two day conference monday and tuesday along with a full day training on wednesday. not the typical week...

monday pm: 30min run @ 4:08 / km + strides
on the way home from the conference managed to slip in a quick loop of the river.

tuesday am: 75min run w/ 10 x 560m hill loop (average 5km race pace)
legs felt tired but managed to get the run in early (5am). loop included two tough climbs (180m and 100m long).

wednesday pm: 85min trail run (another hot day 35C)
planned to go out for 1h40 but by the time i reached the gate 8km in i was feeling toasted. turned around and headed back before hitting the creek for a little leg soak.

thursday pm: 95min run w/ 2 x 3’ (1.30), 2 x 2’ (1.30), 4 x 1’ (3’ easy), 30’ hill climbing (gradient 10-15%), 5 x 30” hard (1’ jog), 10’ easy
another hot day around 35C and i went out with the intentions of running 5 x 6min hard but 3 minutes into the first interval i was feeling the heat and starting to struggle to hold pace. changed the workout to something more manageable and enjoyed putting in the work. the hill climbing had my quads and calves screaming for me to stop and i was loving it.

still to come…

friday pm: 60min recovery w/ strides // 30min steady

saturday am: 10 km time trial (90% effort) w/ long warmup and cooldown

sunday am: long run 32 km/2:30 pm: 10 km easy

i’m working with a coach again and next week will be my first week back over that magical 100 mile target.

on the diet front i’ve starting eating more meat (mainly fish and eggs) again as my diet had gradually shifted towards a more vegan eating regime. while i felt amazingly healthy and vibrant my running and recovery were impaired.

yesterday’s food log-
breakfast: oranges (4) + nuts and seeds
morning snack: almonds, dates (4)
lunch: smoked salmon salad (spinach, carrot, cuke)
pre-run: banana
post-run: small protein drink followed up 30min later with yoghurt mixed with protein powder and LSA
dinner: porterhouse steak with roasted veggies and steamed greens


jholbrook5 said...

Interesting to hear your comments on your recovery while eating vegan. Do you care to follow up with more information? I am vegan and an ultra runner and am looking to add meat back into my diet to help with recovery.

shogun said...

H if you email me at primalrunner at gmail dot com I have a few ideas about vegan vs meat diets that I have experienced over the last few months.

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