Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New challenges

The joy of running over the last few days has continued to improve and the experience of running effortlessly has begun to creep into my legs. Ah, how I love taper time.

But it wasn't this way during the last two weeks of training. Unfortunately my motivation to succeed and perform at a high level very often exceeds my rationality for incorporating rest and active recovery into my life. Knowing full well that taking a day off or swapping a run for a cross-training session (bike, swim, yoga etc) will help enhance my recovery and improve my long term athletic performance doesn't stop me from running into the next energy bonk (the dreaded wall) or potential injury. But hopefully this will change. I don't need to exceed 200km (120 miles) of running a week to continue to improve. Well I don't think so anyway.

In an attempt to improve my endurance and running ability over ultra-distances I have been enjoying eating primal again and with the 100km race only a few short days away I have already found myself looking beyond to set new goals for myself. New goals help me to keep going and maintain my motivation to continue to improve my running, fitness and health to achieve all sorts of athletic pursuits.

I'll discuss my new challenges (goals) in my next post.

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