Wednesday, April 8, 2009

food on the run...

i'm on the search across the web trying to find food that i can put together to carry while running or to have as a quick snack between meals.i'm building my personal resource page for links to various recipes and i'll update regularly.

to start with i came across the site
primal fusion and they have the following recipes i'll give a go or modify to fit with what i eat...

primal bar - lara bar (alternative)

from checking out the running raw site it seems he nearly lives of these things but eating processed sports/nutrition bars can get quite expensive. but as they are made from two of my favourite food groups (nuts and fruits) i'll be giving them a go shortly.

peanut butter powerballs

they are made with peanut butter but i might try substituting these with almond butter.

another great site i've found which i highly recommend is
vo2 maxxed and some samples of their recipes include:

oat power cookies

m&j's cranberry pumpkin power snacks

other inspirational nutrition and training sites include:

simon whitfield's blog - see this post

mark's daily apple

chuckie v

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