Thursday, July 16, 2009

picking it up...

starting weight: 76.9kg (169 lb)

training this week (so far)- adding both volume and intensity...

monday am: 10km easy (44') // pm- 19.2km steady w surges + 3k hill climb tempo

tuesday: 14km easy (60')

wednesday am: 1h30' trail run - steep climbs // pm- 14km (60') w intervals 2x2000m (7'30"), 1x1000m (3'30"), 3x500m (1'35"-1'40") (2' recovery).

thursday pm: 19km (1h30) depletion run - 60' easy (75%HRmax) + 4x400m (av 79"), 4x300m (57"), 4x200m (37") w 60" recovery to 100bpm.

typical days eating-

breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled or hard-boiled w olive oil, turmeric, salt, pepper + black coffee + piece of fruit (apple, orange or banana)

snack: apple + almonds (before run)

lunch: salad (greek, garden etc) w protein (fish, chicken) + green tea

snack: fruit + almonds (before run) :: maybe another piece or two of fruit after run

dinner: lamb roast w steamed veggies + green salad

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